Today marked the end of the Bundesliga season in Germany, and Hamburger SV won their final match of the year. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t enough to avoid relegation, the first time that’s happened in club history. And fans weren’t thrilled about that development.

Not good! You’d think having played every season since the league’s formation in 1963 would have bought the club some leeway for a down year, but that’s apparently not the case. HSV’s hopes weren’t helped by the lone American on the roster, Bobby Wood, who managed just two goals in 22 league appearances. Missing the World Cup and then helping your team be relegated for the first time in Bundesliga history, that’s the type of season that tends to mean “MLS interest swirling” stories will be coming out any day now.

Hopefully everyone ended up safe; it seemed more like some flares and smoke grenades than anything, though those flare-wavers were certainly enthusiastic in their movements.

But hey,on the bright side: if Wood stays, he’ll get to play against Julian Green in the 2. Bundesliga! (checks notes/2. Bundesliga table) Oh, actually, they might get relegated as well, down to the third division. So there’s no bright side here.

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