CARSON, CA – SEPTEMBER 11: Landon Donovan #26 of the Los Angeles Galaxy enters the game against Orlando City FC returning from retirement at StubHub Center on September 11, 2016 in Carson, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

Landon Donovan is one of the best American soccer players of all time. Apparently the list skills required to rise to such a lofty place in USMNT history does not require an ability to safely stage dive and crowd surf.

Because last night, Donovan jumped into a waiting crowd from the top of a food truck, and…here, just watch for yourself:

So that’s not ideal form. Traditionally, you do a bit of a trust fall backwards, giving the crowd a big target to catch, spreading your weight out a bit among the people below, and minimizing your fall distance.

Landon seems to jump up, like he’s competing in a springboard event at the Olympics, and goes legs first. It’s a good thing he’s still relatively small, or someone could have been crushed down there. And from that height, had an accident happened, his legs-first approach could have been disastrous.

Why would he do it that way? Maybe he thought he saw Jurgen Klinsmann in the crowd, and wanted to attempt a top-rope leg drop?

Fortunately, everyone apparently ended up okay, including FOX’s Rob Stone and Alexi Lalas, who reportedly made the same leap of faith. Hopefully they deployed more sensible strategies.

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