Good heavens, what a blast this was.

Trailing 1-0 to Liverpool in the 80th minute with top-4 implications on the line, Spurs pressed forward. A parried shot caromed out to Victor Wanyama, and, well, take a look:

Good heavens! We need some Statcast data on that, because you hardly ever see a shot struck with such velocity maintain such a beautifully level trajectory. (Kicking a ball is very hard.) It was also a nice reminder that the new era for Spurs is filled more with moments like this than with moments of disappointment, although we did get a nice callback to prior-Spurs just a few minutes later:

That was a tough blow for Harry Kane, though arguably he didn’t deserve the penalty anyway:

You know what, though? There was contact. In slow motion it looks worse, but any contact going full speed is going to be amplified, and if you’re a keeper who dives for the ball and misses and you contact the attacker? That’s a penalty.

The miss was made even tougher by what happened in stoppage time, when Liverpool savior Mo Salah did, well, this, for his second score of the match:

That’s absolutely sublime.

You’d have thought that was the end of it, a clear sign that it was Liverpool’s day, except Spurs were awarded yet another penalty after the Salah goal.

And, uh, here’s why this one was called:

Giving Harry Kane two chances from the spot is never in your best interest:

And that was that, a 2-2 game with plenty of late drama. It will probably be the best football game of the day.

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