One thing that soccer fans do that I never really understood was lighting flares. Don’t get me wrong, I get that it’s a stunning visual and can be used as a means of intimidation toward the other team but lighting something on fire among a group of people seems like it would be problematic.

That’s what happened to Ipswich Town as the League One team had their own fans set a small fire at the training ground after they threw 12 flares over a fence. According to Sky News, some signage on the fence was on fire while someone on the coaching team stomped the fire out. No one was hurt and they were able to continue practice about 10 minutes later.

Police are investigating the incident and the supporters group have already apologized.

So, exactly how is throwing flares toward your own team helping? It’s like a kid having a crush on someone so they push them down all the time. There’s a bit of a disconnect at how this helps but regardless, Ipswich will play Northampton on Tuesday.

[Sky News/Photo: Ipswich Town FC]

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