Mahsa Amini protest at World Cup

Tensions have been high since the beginning of World Cup play in Qatar and it’s not been with the matches, it’s been off the field.

Many teams in the field, from countries such as Iran, have the world’s spotlight turned upon them because of what is taking place in their country right now.

Citizens of that country have been fighting against human rights violations and in one particular incident that happened there recently.

Mahsa Amini died under mysterious circumstances after she refused to wear the hijab in accordance with government standards.

She was arrested by the Iranian Guidance Patrol and later died in a hospital with no known cause of death. Her death has become a rallying cry for many Iranians, especially the women in that country seeking their freedom.

An Iranian soccer fan was removed from the Wales vs. Iran soccer match for holding up an Amini T-shirt but the unidentified woman was not the only fan protesting.

There were several Iranian fans who have been protesting outside the soccer stadium and some who have even jeered and booed their soccer team before their matches.

People are still angry and upset by what is happening in Iran and this World Cup has drawn even more attention to the atrocities happening there.

{David Harding}

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