It is becoming increasingly more common to see teams find new ways to make use of their stadiums when not hosting sporting events. More and more concerts and other sporting events are being booked to take place in athletic venues in an effort to maximize the potential of those large construction projects that fill up valuable space in cities and towns near and far. Now, in Italy, the president of the Italian Football Association is going so far as to suggest those soccer stadiums should host anything and everything, including lap dances.

“There shouldn’t only be football in stadiums, there should also be pharmacies, cinemas, supermarkets — we need to have more social activities,” FIGC president Carlo Tavecchio said recently, according to ESPN. “There could even be lap dancing.”

Yep, he went there.

Now, he may have been joking, but one can never be too sure. And one thing is for sure: it might be a great way to attract some bachelor parties to those soccer venues in the offseason.

On a more serious note, Tavecchio stresses the need to keep Italian soccer stadiums in top shape. Citing the lagging security and state of the various venues in Italy compared to the rest of the European associations, Tavecchio is suggesting that adding more events in and around Italy’s soccer stadium would provide more of an incentive to better maintain the stadiums. Security is also a huge concern, which is why Tavecchio is keeping an eye on what other nations like Turkey are doing with photo identification in the ticket process.

So the next time you want to attend a soccer game in Italy, you may have to bring your photo ID with your ticket, and you may even get a lap dance as well.


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