Controversy reigned supreme during the Portland Timbers-Los Angeles Galaxy match over the weekend. Galaxy defender Jelle Van Damme was yellow carded not once but twice thanks to obvious dives from Portland players.

And since MLS refereeing isn’t exactly on the world class level and is more akin to what you might find at your local U-12 park league, Van Damme was sent off.

Below is footage of the first yellow that was drawn by Diego Chara, which is one of the most obvious dives you’ll ever see and would make Pepe blush. On the second yellow, Portland’s David Guzman actually injured himself falling down to the ground. #karma

The Galaxy Twitter account tried to cope with the absurdity by putting together this great meme of Chara’s flop and him diving through outer space and other various pop culture scenes.

All fun and games, right? Over 8,000 retweets and 11,000 likes is really good for an MLS team account. Well, the folks behind Portland’s Twitter account didn’t take it too lightly. They came back with this shot at the Galaxy.

Ouch! That escalated quickly, I mean that really got out of hand. Honestly though, Portland needs to settle down a little bit here. After all, it was their players’ gross dives that got this whole thing started.

A Twitter feud is a decent way to build up rivalries and get the league publicity. But if this goes any farther, Adam Silver is going to step in and tell both of these teams to knock it off.

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