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Amid all the hoopla of Landon Donovan heading to Mexico to play for Club León, Donovan coming out of retirement also meant he will be back in the FIFA video game. Yes, Donovan had been included as a legend but now he’s back as an active player.

While his Ultimate Team card hasn’t been revealed, EA Sports have updated their offline rosters to include Donovan at the Liga MX team. And according to EA Sports, Donovan now has a 74 overall rating. Considering he had a 77 overall rating when he was in FIFA 15, it would not be a shock to see Donovan drop a few points. Despite that, a 74 rating is still pretty good for a 35-year-old who hasn’t played in a couple years.

Take a look at how Donovan’s current rating stacks up to his FIFA 15 self. Strangely, Donovan gains a point in penalties but everything else is either the same or is a lower rating. Not surprisingly, stamina took the biggest hit going from 81 to 49.

LM/ST at 74 overall (77 in FIFA 15)

Acceleration: 69 in FIFA 18 (84 in FIFA 15)
Sprint Speed: 68 (82)

Positioning: 77 (79)
Finishing: 75 (73)
Shot Power: 76 (76)
Long Shot: 69 (69)
Volley: 71 (71)
Penalties: 74 (73)

Vision: 82 (80)
Crossing: 74 (75)
Free Kick: 70 (70)
Short Pass: 78 (80)
Long Pass: 72 (73)
Curve: 76 (76)

Agility: 64 (77)
Balance: 73 (78)
Reactions: 72 (79)
Ball Control: 78 (80)
Dribbling: 73 (73)

Interceptions: 42 (42)
Heading: 57 (57)
Marking: 41 (41)
Stand Tackle: 43 (43)
Slide Tackle: 32 (32)

Jumping: 68 (64)
Stamina: 49 (81)
Strength: 57 (59)
Aggression: 62 (62)

Photo: Rasa Deportes

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