Move over LeBron James’ son, there’s a new famous sports daddy with a prodigy son in the mix. We’re talking about the world’s best soccer player, Lionel Messi, and his 4-year-old son Thiago of course.

On Tuesday, news broke that Messi’s son is set to become one of the first players in a new pilot program for Barcelona’s school for young children. The new program is under the umbrella of FCBEscola, which currently allows players age 6 and up to learn the game.

What is interesting about this school is that it is only open to the sons of first team players from Barcelona and only from the ages of 3 to 5. Of course, the school is less competitive than the Barcelona full academy and more about developing basic skills and the love for the game.

It also is a nice way for Barca to get a leg up on potential stars of the future by getting them in to the youth system early.

As for Thiago as a player? Don’t expect much according to his ultra-famous dad. He has been on record that his son seems to want nothing to do with the game of soccer or even a soccer ball as he grows up.

‘I don’t buy him many balls or force him to play with them because he doesn’t like them that much,’ Messi told Telefe.

‘There may be hope yet, with Messi saying Barca is working on a project for the players’ children to play with footballs.

‘Let’s see if he gets hooked that way — it would be a good start.’

If he gets hooked on the game, it may be lights out for plenty of defenders over the next 30 years or so. At least plenty of 4-year-olds are about to be quaking in their boots.


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