Now that he has retired from play, Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has taken on the role of coaching the Liverpool U-18 team. And when it comes to coaching the kids, Gerrard is even coaching in his off time at home.

Gerrard posted a video on Instagram as he coached his six-month old son Lio to kick a soccer ball in the kitchen. Despite not being able to walk yet (and his father doing most of the movement for him), Lio just might have what it takes to be a future England National Team player.


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Gerrard even dropped a rather classic call on us in the video as he recited Andy Gray’s famous “Oh ya beauty!” call on Gerrard’s famous golazo against Olympiacos in the 2004-05 Champions League group stage. That late goal was needed to get them into the knockout stage and then resulted in winning the Champions League Final in Istanbul against AC Milan.

It’s definitely cute to see Steven Gerrard playing soccer with his kid. I’m sure many Liverpool fans are hoping the youngest Gerrard child will someday be a Liverpool legend just like his father.

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