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Just because someone isn’t playing a sport professionally doesn’t mean they don’t take it very seriously. One man apparently learned that the hard way this week when he had his ear partially bitten off by an opponent during a pickup soccer game fight.

According to a report from the Pioneer Press, 35-year-old Mouktar Hassan Bouh was arrested last week and charged with third-degree assault after allegedly biting off a large piece of a man’s ear during an August fight that took place at a pickup game in a Minneapolis park.

The report says that police met with a man who was missing a large chunk of his ear and told them that Bouh bit it off during a fight earlier that evening.

The man said that he was playing a pickup soccer game with a group of people he did not know when an altercation broke out. He said Bouh placed him in a headlock during the fight and that he tried to break free by biting Bouh’s chest, but then Bouh responded by biting a large chunk of his ear off.

To make matters worse, the piece of the man’s ear was never found after the altercation, so doctors were unable to reattach it. So from now on, he’ll just have a large chunk of his ear missing.

Certainly quite the evening in the park.

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