Pep Guardiola put a really strange spin on Gremlins lore with one of his first decrees as Manchester City’s manager.

According to former player Samir Nasri, who left the lean on loan to Sevilla, one of Guardiola’s first actions when he took over as Manchester City manager in February was to ban players from having sex after midnight. That includes times when the team wasn’t even practicing or playing the next day.

The decree was meant to make sure players get a good night’s sleep every evening. According to Nasri, it’s a rule that helped Pep find great success with Barcelona.

‘He told us this is how he managed to get the best out of [Lionel] Messi and [Robert] Lewandowski, and for them to avoid the maximum number of muscular injuries.”

Guardiola’s nitpickery isn’t just limited to player bedrooms. He’s also “suppressed many things that were in the kitchen” and has even limited the kinds of cars that players were allowed to drive. He also concerns himself with what happens on the pitch as well, supplying players with copious videos breaking down problems and offering solutions.

Guardiola has found great success managing Barca and Bayern Munich, so it’s hard to argue with his tactics. If Man City players want to be mentioned in the same breathe as those clubs, they’d be wise make sure their paramours are elsewhere when the clock strikes 12:00 a.m.


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