Atlanta United FC's Jamal Thiaré scored one of the sneakiest goals you'll ever see to beat Toronto FC on Saturday. Photo Credit: Apple TV. Atlanta United FC’s Jamal Thiaré sneaks in behind the back of an unsuspecting Luka Gavran, Toronto FC’s goalkeeper. Photo Credit: Apple TV

Atlanta United FC’s Jamal Thiaré beat Toronto FC on Saturday with a goal that you’re probably not going to see too often, especially in the final seconds of a tied soccer game.

In the final seconds of stoppage time, Toronto goalkeeper Luka Gavran secured the ball to stop an Atlanta scoring attempt — or so he thought. As Gavran walked to the front of the penalty, he directed his team down the pitch and prepared to kick the ball, likely bringing the game to an end. What Gavran — and apparently all of his teammates — did not notice was that Thiaré was still behind the goalkeeper.

Thiaré stayed behind the net and slowly walked a few paces behind Gavran. When Gavran dropped the ball, Thiaré sprinted in front of the goalkeeper, controlled the ball, found room to shoot and put the ball in the back of the net for the winning goal.

The wild game winner had fans buzzing.

[Photo Credit: Apple TV]

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