More than 60,000 people were crammed into Olympic Stadium in Montreal on Wednesday for the first leg of a playoff series between the Montreal Impact and Toronto FC. But with all of the excitement, there had to be some letdown.

This is Olympic Stadium, after all. Most American fans remember this is as the place that hosted the Montreal Expos and drew about 800 people a night. And as we saw Wednesday, this stadium is still living up to its bad name. Prior to the start of this showdown, it was announced that the game was delayed because the goal lines were not the correct length.

The definition of facepalm. It’s bad enough they screwed this up, but in the conference finals with 60,000 people having to watch you repair the field.

As this news spread, the internet had fun with this because how could it not.

For those in attendance, they were also having some fun.

This is a pretty bad gaffe, and I guess they’re lucky the fans had some fun with it. While 2016 could be called a lot of things, there’s a case to be made for it to be called the year of the weird paint fiascos following this instance and the NFL Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio.

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