The calls for goal line technology and better officiating in MLS will reach nuclear alarm levels of volume as the referee crew missed a major and obvious call, denying FC Dallas a goal in their game against Sporting Kansas City.

The play started as Sporting KC defender Lawrence Olum and goalkeeper Tim Melia clearly weren’t communicating and led to Olum blasting a pass past Melia and toward the goal. Melia ran back as hard as he could and quickly got the ball out but it was over the line. Well everyone saw the ball was clearly over the line except for the referee crew apparently.

You don’t even need a replay to tell that this is a goal. The midfield camera from 50 yards away makes it obvious that the ball is at least a yard over the line. Everyone in the stadium except for the guys in yellow thought that was a goal.

It’s just one in a growing number of controversial and puzzling decisions from MLS referees. For some controversial calls, there can at least be an argument they made the call they made. There is no argument for this and simply a mistake of biblical proportions, as has been the case a bunch of times. MLS has recently been approved to test video replay and for all our sakes, that cannot come soon enough.

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