Cristiano Ronaldo – needs no introduction!  The Juventus player is among the most highly paid soccer players in the world and is a fans favourite too, but how much do we know about him away from thefootball pitch?

Ronaldo’s Motivation to staying fit for Life 

Most people often wait for something to motivate them through which they carry out a particular task that felt impossible to them before. For example; taking care of your fitness by regularly going to the gym. In an interview, Ronaldo was specifically asked what motivated him to stay fit and strong before and after deciding to become a footballer.

Cristiano replied saying that it started back when he was a teenager, he started to go to the gym just for fun and gradually, as he saw improvements in his arm muscles, seeing the veins pop out – inspired him to work out regularly because he knew he had the power to transform his body. He says that even though he had been blessed with good genetics, which is a plus,  he also adds that if you don’t work out – then there’s no point in having good genes because that won’t show by itself.

After becoming a footballer, he was still motivated by the fact that his body wouldn’t just work out by itself to become strong – but that he had to work hard to get better results. He wanted to increase his stamina and become stronger for the sport. Ronaldo says that he doesn’t do gym for the pictures; he does it for the sports because it’s no secret that it would help him to become a better player.

Hobbies off field 

Majority of us are curious about what footballers do in their spare time. Do they play golf, or are they busy spending their money? While most footballers do those things apart from spending time with family, Cristiano Ronaldo’s hobbies are quite different than many.

According to Sport, Ronaldo has admitted that “playing bingo can be very exciting”. He further says that “You can be waiting a long time for a single number to complete a game while you see your friends also hoping to get the lucky number”. It’s easier to think of him playing games on popular online gaming sites like Aspers rather than popping down to a land based destination.


Ronaldo’s manager doesn’t have any problem with him playing casino games whether online or at a particular place, so long as he continues to follow his athletic regime. Now we know what Ronaldo loves to do during his off days or when he’s bored. Just like most of us, Cristiano Ronaldo also likes spending time with his family and beloved son, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., taking him on trips with himself at times to spend more father and son time together.