Overnight, deadly tornadoes went through multiple towns and states, including Nashville, Tennessee. As of Tuesday morning, 19 people have died and at this point, people are currently trying to get their lives back in order after what happened.

The sports world has also been impacted from this tragedy and have come together in support. The Nashville Predators are inviting everyone to Bridgestone Arena today for pizza and a place to go to for some food. One such person who was impacted was Nashville SC winger David Accam. The new expansion side Nashville SC just had their first ever MLS game this past weekend and Accam is one of their stars. Accam’s family is safe, which ultimately is the important thing. And after that, he posted a couple videos showing just how badly his house was damaged by the destruction.

According to the AP, tornadoes also hit areas in Missouri and Kentucky but the biggest destruction was in Nashville when a tornado went through the downtown area. The damage is surely bad but that can obviously be fixed. The physical structural damage is secondary to the people who were killed and the families of those people. And people like David Accam are counting their blessings for his family being safe.

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