It was an incredibly hot day in Houston, with temperatures in the 90s and plenty of humidity on offer as well.

That meant a tough match for the players, and it was toughest on Houston Dash (and England national team) striker Rachel Daly. On one of the final kicks of the match, Daly took an easily saved shot on goal, took a few steps, and then collapsed:

A wider look at the aftermath:

The NWSL released a quick statement, which seemed to be more focused on avoiding potential critiques for the heat-related issues than anything else:

And the Dash released a statement on Daly’s condition as well:

Rachel Daly was treated for heat illness following today’s Houston Dash home game against Seattle Reign FC. Her condition is improving and she has been taken to a local hospital where she will continue to be monitored. We will provide additional updates at the appropriate time.

My first thought was the playing surface; I couldn’t tell from the video, but field turf or other artificial surfaces tend to get way hotter than natural grass, but according to the stadium’s site (and closer scrutiny) it’s real Bermuda grass.

It just gets really hot in Houston in the summer. Games should probably be played at night, to avoid situations just like this one. Hopefully Daly makes a quick and full recovery.

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