New York Cosmos

The NASL consists of 10 teams, eight of which are in the United States along with one in Canada and one in Puerto Rico. The league is regarded as the second division league in the US, right below MLS.

At first, it seemed like the league would simply shrink to nine with the closing of the New York Cosmos.

Then, things took a turn for the worst.

It’s unknown which of the other nine NASL teams will make the jump to the United Soccer League (USL) at the moment. The USL is the third division league in the US, one step below the NASL and two below the MLS. It currently contains 31 teams and could potentially be adding two more that aren’t currently in the NASL.

However, it is important to note once again the NASL isn’t 100% closing at the moment.

Back to the Cosmos for a second. If they were to shut down, it would be the second time in franchise history that happened. The original Cosmos began in 1970, but were shut down in 1984. 26 years later, they returned in 2010 only to potentially shut down again six years later in 2016.

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