For a lot of today’s Group D match between Scotland and the Czech Republic in Glasgow, it’s been Scotland that has felt more dangerous. The home team has rattled the frame a few times, and they’ve been the team applying most of the pressure.

The scoreboard, though, tells a different story, thanks to two goals from Czech Republic striker Patrik Schick.

The second one is the one we’re highlighting here, because holy shit what a goal this is. It came essentially via a counter, but rather than push for a break, Schick went with the soccer equivalent of Steph Curry pulling up from 35 feet on a fast break.

Just an incredible, incredible goal there. And the audaciousness to not only try it, but to have the technique to pull it off. The goal cam shows just how he bent it in, and it’s absurd.

It’s not often that you get to silence a home crowd in a major international soccer tournament, but here we are. What a goal.

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