Professional sports teams can come up with some “out of the box” ideas to enhance their brand. For the Philadelphia Union, they are looking for a local tattoo artist who can ink players, employees and fans of the team.

The official job title will be a “chief tattoo officer” and they will be able to be the official tattoo artist for the Union. The MLS team explained why they wanted to embark on this new venture.

“Tattoos are a vital part of sport, fan and supporter culture.  Just as tattoos are for life, fans choose a club to passionately support for life.”

“This is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary position for an artist or shop to become the go-to place for the Union. Players, coaches, front office staff and even fans will come to you for their tattoos, Union related or not. Tattoos are for life, just like supporting a club, and we want you doing the work.”

Their job posting lists the requirements one must have to have this position. The team is looking for someone who has a minimum five years experience, be familiar with the Union snake crest as well as having a varied skillset to be able to ink a variety of designs. After all, chances are this person will be inking those who will want something non-Union centric so they would need to be able to do that. When it comes to hiring a tattoo artist, the Union want the best.

This seems like the start of a great idea and a win-win for all involved. For the Union, they get someone who would be an expert at drawing anything team related and would be better protecting their trademarks if they have someone authorized to tattoo the crest. For the employer, it would bring extra notoriety and business to where they work knowing that they are the “CTO” for the team. For the players, staff and fans, they are assured that they can go to someone who is likely not to screw up something that’s going to be permanent on somebody’s body.

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