Cristiano Ronaldo Bruno Fernandes

Few teams have clinched a World Cup knockout stage spot after playing two matches. The last match of the second round of group stage games sent in the third team for the round of 16.

Joining France and Brazil will be Portugal, after Bruno Fernandes scored a brace to defeat Uruguay 2-0. The match was notable for a fan with a “Save Ukraine”/“Respect for Iranian Women” shirt and a rainbow flag running onto the pitch and temporarily halted the match.

Minutes after that, Portugal scored their first goal. It was a bit of a perfect situation for Portugal as Fernandes blasted his shot toward goal. Uruguayan goalkeeper Sergio Rochet was prepared for Cristiano Ronaldo to get a head on the ball but when he didn’t make contact with the ball, the ball continued its path into the right side of the goal.

The next four days will be very exciting. Only Canada and Qatar are eliminated but they will be playing for pride while the other 30 teams have something to play for. Even France, Brazil, and Portugal will need to go for a win to guarantee top of the group and the others will be itching to get in the top two. It should be fun stuff.

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