Qatar is ensuring the public its upping the necessary safety precautions following the death of a construction worker at the 2022 World Cup stadium site.

Last month, a construction worker was killed on the site for the Middle East’s first World Cup, after he was hit by a water tanker driver who didn’t see him. Organizers released a statement to the Associated Press expressing the incident served as a reminder more health regulations could be in place.

“This tragedy serves as a profound reminder there is always more to be done — no matter how far we have come in terms of implementing health and safety on our sites,” said Hassan Al Thawadi, secretary general of the World Cup organizing committee.

Al Thawadi said the death will be a learning moment.

“We will learn from this tragic event in order to prevent any repeat in the future,” he added.

The tragic death is a red flag towards construction in Qatar, who’ve primarily used Asian laborers to build stadium and infrastructure. The incident appeared to be accidental, but nobody should have their life taken away for the sake of a soccer tournament.

Hopefully, Al Thawadi is serious about Qatar being stricter towards safety regulations – because if another life is lost, it would be entirely unnecessary and damaging.


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