Because NYCFC aren’t primary tenants at Yankee Stadium, their schedule can be thrown off if mother nature messes with the Yankees. Thanks to a rescheduled Yankee rainout game on Monday September 25th, NYCFC will play their regularly scheduled home game against Houston at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut, a cool 110 miles away. NYCFC says the game had to be moved because the game is scheduled for national TV and therefore the time couldn’t be moved, but that didn’t stop the Red Bulls fans from having fun with the news.

How did the Red Bulls—a team named after an energy drink company, don’t forget—troll NYCFC over this complete and total hilarity? Using Hartford’s only Major-League sports team in recent memory, the Hartford Whalers.

It’s an interesting plan to use one of the NHL’s most beloved historic teams to troll a soccer team playing one game there, but if the shoe fits…

The Red Bulls played a certain song during the NYCFC lineup introduction for the teams’ game Tuesday, which made this whole stunt worth it, even though they couldn’t get the name of the stadium right (Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field, not Pratt & Wyatt).

Yes, that would be the best sports song in history, Brass Bonanza.

I didn’t think it was possible to troll anyone with Brass Bonanza, but the Red Bulls managed to do so, and that takes some doing. Many of the fans in the Red Bulls supporters section also wore Hartford Whalers gear to the game, and any excuse to wear Hartford Whalers schwag is a good excuse for me.

The game ended 1-1, so the trolling didn’t do all that much to change the result on the pitch. But it did give us all an excuse to listen to Brass Bonanza again, and there’s never a bad time to listen to Brass Bonanza.


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