A plane carrying 72 passengers, including some from the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense, has crashed in Medellin, Colombia, multiple media outlets are reporting.

The plane, which departed from Bolivia on Monday, crashed on its way to Medellin, Colombia. The charter aircraft was carrying members of the soccer team Chapecoense from Brazil’s Serie A league. The team was scheduled to play in the Copa Sudamerica finals against Atletico Nacional in Medellin on Wednesday.

Chapecoense is in the midst of an unlikely run to the Copa Sudamerica finals and is viewed as a Cinderella story in Brazil. They are one of the smaller clubs in the Serie A and have made an unlikely run to one of the more prestigious cups in all of South America.

In the past, similar tragedies involving Marshall’s football team, Manchester United, Lokomotiv Yaroslavl and the Oklahoma State women’s basketball team have all shaken the sporting world to it’s core. If reports about the crash in Colombia are true, this marks another horrifically sad day in sports.


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