There are various reasons why a fan would run out on the field at a sporting event but they’re usually not good reasons. Maybe a kid who runs out to try and get a selfie with their favorite player is kind of cute but it’s no longer cute when an adult is out there.

A fan invaded the pitch during the Chelsea-Juventus UEFA Women’s Champions League match and Chelsea star player Sam Kerr took matters into her own hands to make sure this fan regretted doing that.

First off, let’s get the obvious out of the way. WHERE WAS SECURITY? The fan was walking around taking selfies in the middle of the match and no one was going after him. Sure, if this was the men at Stamford Bridge, there would be more fans in attendance and more security. But if this was the men, the fan would’ve been dealt with by someone in security. Especially given how some men react toward women athletes on social media, a lax security team holding off on stopping a fan from getting on the pitch for a women’s match is a problem.

Okay, now that it’s clear everyone is safe and sound, let’s talk about this clean hit Kerr made. She timed her moment perfectly and shouldered the fan to the ground to the delight of the fans in attendance. It might not have been as violent of a hit as some old school NFL players have done toward fans who have run on the field but it was a solid hit.

Kerr was given a yellow card for the hit which seems a bit dumb. Maybe it’s in the rules you must get a yellow card if you hit a fan but if so, they might want to change that rule because if security actually did their job, Kerr wouldn’t have needed to do their job for them.

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