Tis’ the season to be hacked. Well, at least if you’re Samir Nasri.

The French midfielder, currently on loan to Sevilla from Manchester City, had several NSFW tweets posted from his Twitter account making a pretty serious claim. Nasri’s verified Twitter profile tweeted out about getting “sexual service” from a Los Angeles IV Center called Drip Doctors. Nasri’s account insinuated the Drip Doctors business was an escort service.

Here are screencaps Deadspin captured:

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Nasri did visit the clinic this evening.

Now, unless he’s a complete moron, it’s doubtful Nasri uploaded the tweets himself. Considering the tone and voice used suggests the person writing the messages is scorned by the alleged sexual services, it’s possible it’s his girlfriend who’s mentioned multiple times throughout the post.

For example, this tweet is oddly specific:



That’s just my guess, but there’s more to this story than what’s appeared on Twitter.

As for the accusation Drip Doctors is some sort of brothel or escort service, there’s no certifiable proof the claim is true. Although, there’s some evidence lending credence to the theory.

A number of high-profile stars, including Steve Aoki, Chris Brown and Sean Kingston have been posted with big smiles on the clinic’s website.

That’s really nothing, but when you dig a little deeper there are some questionable posts on behalf of the business.

First, there’s a somewhat salacious advertisement for their business, filled with many slow motion shots:

There’s also this picture of the Drip Doctor team:

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