If you don’t know what going “full Cantona” means, let me introduce you to one of the dumbest moves in athlete-fan interaction.

See, Eric Cantona, a once famous and now infamous soccer player, decided to take out his rage on a fan by kicking said fan following a sending off in 1995.

It sent shockwaves across the soccer world, even in the days before social media or widespread internet access. Cantona wasn’t charged criminally in the incident.

Fast forward 21 years and we have another version of Cantona’s horrific actions. This time though, the player is going to face charges.

Apparently the lesson of Cantona’s rage was lost on one Sebastian Pol, an Argentinian player plying his craft with Chilean club Audax Italiano. Following an apparent sending off of his goalkeeper, Pol went off on one poor fan behind the bench area.


Not only was it a rush of blood to the head, but clearly an intentional act. After all, Pol had to climb to the top of the railing and then kick said fan right in the face.

Pol was completely apologetic after the match, of course saying his kick was mean to scare not strike said fan.

“I’m really full of regret for this,” the Argentine player reportedly told media at the police station. “I apologize to him profusely. I didn’t mean to strike him, I just wanted to frighten him. It’s something new that life has taught me.”

Sure…we believe you.

Now all that is left is for Chilean authorities to issue charges, which the fan appears ready to press.

The law against violence in stadiums in Chile is pretty clear, and Pol could be in some major hot water once charges are pressed. You know, since he already admitted publicly to striking the fan, which was captured on video.

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