Soccer Moped

You’ve heard a lot of weird stories about soccer fans, but have you heard the one about the Dutchman who drove his moped scooter onto a pitch during a soccer match to protest young fans shooting fireworks?

Before Sunday’s match between Vitesse ’63 and Veenhuizen, the scooter-rider invaded the pitch after some fireworks had been set off beforehand. He was angry that the loud noises upset his horses nearby. So, he did the only thing anyone can do in that situation, he drove his moped onto the field.

As seen in a wild video, the players stood around as the man circled them on his scooter before coming to a stop mid-field. There, he had some words with a few of the players and the official before speeding off.

After the match, Veenhuizen club chairman, Kees Van der Leest explained what had happened.

“We are not doing well in the league, and we had to play the bottom team,” said Van der Leest. “The youngsters wanted to support [with the fireworks], but it turned out unfortunate with our neighbor driving on the field. It was annoying. We don’t want to be a burden to anyone, but we have to monitor safety on the field. We know the neighbor. He played for us in his youth.

“We will talk with him. I think he acted out of emotion.”

[Mediaite, Image via Claudia]

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