A fight among rival soccer players in eastern France has resulted in one player biting the penis of another player, causing him to receive 10 stitches and miss four days of work.

According to Le Républicain Lorrain and the Daily Mail, an unidentified player from Soetrich and Terville started fighting in the parking lot after their 1-1 game last November. A player from Terville tried to step in and break up the fight and for his trouble, got bit in the penis by the Soetrich player.

Penalties were handed down this week and the guy who did the biting got suspended five years while the guy who got injured was suspended six months. It’s a bit strange that someone who’s a victim of having their penis bitten is suspended six months but according to director of the Mosellan football district, Emmanuel Saling, blame was “more or less shared” and that things escalated. So it sounded like something happened in between the initial fight and the biting that put some blame on the injured player.

In addition, Terville (the team with the guy who had his penis bitten) was docked two points and fined 200 Euros for “failing to meet their safety obligations as hosts and for the lack of reaction from club officials.”

It’s been a busy week of groin activity in soccer. On Monday, Manchester United’s Harry Maguire got away with kicking Chelsea’s Michy Batshuayi below the belt. Good thing Maguire doesn’t play lower league French soccer, he probably wouldn’t have gotten away with what he did.

[Le Républicain Lorrain/Daily Mail/Photo: Sky Sports]

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