Editor’s Note: After some research, we found out that this video is apparently from 2015, but it was new to us, and seems to just be making the rounds. 

Getting hit in the face with anything sucks. Getting hit with a hard soccer ball in the face really sucks. Having to endure the sensation twice in a row should give you permission to walk off the field and never ever turn around.

So, your heart had to go out to this kid that took two consecutive blasts to the face from the same player on the opposing team:

Uhhh… (Submitted by @ahmedadnan14)

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There might also be questions whether or not the kid is alright after getting hit like that. The “damn” from the person recording perfectly encapsulates it all.

Head injuries are always scary and repeated trauma is even worse. Let’s hope this kid is alright and able to hopefully shrug it off.

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