Tottenham is coming to the Stamford Bridge this week to play against Lampard’s Chelsea. Mourinho’s Tottenham managed to beat Aston Villa in the last match and it was a last-minute win.

Chelsea’s Fluctuating Seasons

Chelsea has been playing hot and cold throughout the season. They had an excellent start of the season which gave them the fourth position but in last 4 games, they got 2 out of 12 points and if they lose to Tottenham, Chelsea might find themselves outside of the first six positions since they currently have one point more than Tottenham, two more than Sheffield United and 3 more than Manchester United.

The Saturday’s match just might be the prevailing factor on who gets to qualify for Champions League in the next season. Chelsea will have to muster all they’ve got to beat the Spurs. Their current form is poor and Tottenham won the previous three matches and are arriving in high hopes.

The Spurs on Offensive 

When Harry Kane injured himself, everybody crossed the Spurs off but other players emerged to lead the team, mostly Heung-Min Son who emerged as an absolute leader having scored in five matches in a row.

Mourinho is still having difficulties in the backline with the team scoring more than they should but the offensive tactics have been enough to overcome the defensive lacks so far. Since Mourinho took over the Spurs, they are the team with second-most won points, only after the unbeatable Reds.

Mourinho knows the Stamford Bridge a lot and his return always carries additional weight and certainly, he is looking to take all three points home and take over the Champions League qualifying place.

Still, an attacking tactic isn’t likely to occur. Mourinho will probably apply similar tactic as against the Citizens, a match they won two weeks ago. They will defend and wait for counter-attacks. This is the classical Mourinho mode.


Every derby is a passionate match and you can see today’s and this weekends best football betting tips. But this one match has high stakes with the winning team taking the fourth place that leads to Champions League. Additionally, Mourinho’s arrival to Stamford Bridge. However, in December, Chelsea won 2:0 away with Lampard leading Chelsea against Mourinho’s Spurs.

Chelsea is the favourite but it is quite possible that the Spurs will make a surprise win since Chelsea is in a bad form whilst the Spurs are in a positive form. A draw is also quite possible.