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Every once in a while, someone posts one of those maps of the United States and shows something by each state. It could be favorite Halloween candy by each state or the best selling item at Walmart in each state. Each of these have varying degrees of believability but they’re all typically successful in sparking debate and getting clicks.

With the World Cup in full swing, we now know the top selling World Cup national kit in each state thanks to And while one may wonder how someone got the results they got, this map actually makes a lot of sense.

It’s not surprising that the majority of the United States is being repped by Mexico. There are many Mexican-Americans living in the United States and are repping Mexico with or without the U.S. being involved. In total, 23 out of 50 states have Mexico as the top selling kit.

What’s interesting is the states who don’t have Mexico and trying to figure out why they went with a certain country. Defending champs Germany is second with seven states (Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Vermont and Washington) while Brazil has four states (Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Tennessee). Then it’s Peru (Kansas, Michigan and New York) and England (Alaska, Connecticut and Montana) with three each, Argentina (Idaho and Mississippi) and Spain (Hawaii and West Virginia) are repped by two states. Then it’s everyone else with a lone state representing them, Belgium with New Hampshire, Colombia with South Dakota, Egypt with South Carolina, France with Louisiana, Nigeria with Delaware and Portugal with New Jersey.

The explanation for these individual states may be based on family heritage (Louisiana) or a certain player (South Carolina and Mohamed Salah) or maybe they just like how the kit looks (Nigeria). Either way, it’s interesting to see where apparent allegiances lie.

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