Toronto FC measurement

Who said Canadians were too nice? I guess that is what happens when two of the three MLS teams north of the border clash for a berth in the MLS Cup final.

It is also what happens when one grounds crew screws up basic measurements and the other trolls them on Twitter.

You see, the last time out, the Impact decided to host the match at the Olympic Stadium, and the grounds crew apparently wasn’t aware of the basic field measurements and caused a 30-minute delay in the start of the match.

Montreal had the last laugh in the first leg, winning 3-2 and holding a one-goal advantage heading in to its trip to BMO Field. What is unclear is just how in the blue hell a grounds crew who has hosted plenty of Impact matches in the past screwed this up to begin with.

What we do know is that there won’t be any grounds crew screw ups to delay the game this time around.

One of these two teams are going to take on the Seattle Sounders in perhaps the most improbable MLS Cup championship matchup of all time. So, good luck to the folks up north, we’re all in on the Sounders down here (ok, most likely not Portland or just about anywhere outside of Seattle).

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