Fatih Terim

Two weeks ago, Turkey national coach Fatih Terim was seen in television footage fighting with the owner of a kebab restaurant. Today, the Turkish Football Federation relieved Terim of his head coaching duties.

The federation’s statement simply referred to “non-football related issues,” but all signs point to the kebab-shop brawl as the main factor.

The conflict began with Terim’s son-in-law Ahmet Baran Cetin, who owns a steakhouse that neighbors the kebab restaurant in the Turkish beach resort city of Alcati. Cetin and the kebab shop owner, Selahattin Aydogdu, had been clashing over a partition wall.

According to the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, Terim threatened that he would beat up Aydogdu over the phone, and Aydogdu welcomed the challenge. So Terim made the 200-mile trip to the restaurant, and he and his in-laws left five men injured at the restaurant.

While no one has pressed formal charges, the incident was enough to get Terim out of a job. He had coached the Turkish national team for 11 years over three spells.

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