The fastest man in the world Usain Bolt retired from sprinting but that didn’t stop his professional sports career. Trading track shoes for soccer boots, Bolt went to Australia to play for Central Coast Mariners in the Australian A-League. Some people (including yours truly) feel this is more of a publicity stunt than an actual attempt at a 32-year-old starting a pro soccer career but Bolt is training and seems like he’s working hard to do this so if it is a publicity stunt, he’s at least going about it the right way.

Last night, or this morning since it’s Australia and they’re on the other end of the world, Usain Bolt scored not one, but two goals for the Mariners. It was a preseason friendly against Macarthur South West United, an all-star team of second division players, but he got two goals.

The first was a nifty set of footwork, beating the goalkeeper on the near post. It was a great strike that threaded the needle but the keeper really did a poor job leaving the near post that open.

Bolt’s second goal was more of a tap in after the goalkeeper and defender ran into each other but you gotta be in the right spot to take advantage and that’s what Bolt did. That capped a 4-0 victory.

It’s interesting to see where this goes, particularly within actual league play but Bolt didn’t seem terrible out there. He had his chances and while Bolt scored his first goals in their seventh friendly, the Mariners won all but one match and they drew that one. So if they continue to get wins in the season, Bolt may improve their last place 2017-18 season.

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