Soccer was both the beautiful game and the exact opposite on Tuesday, as the United States men’s national soccer team took on El Salvador on Tuesday.

The two teams battled to a 1-1 draw in the CONCACAF Nations League match. El Salvador struck first with a first half goal from Alexander Larín. The United States then evened the game seconds into stoppage time in the second half on a header from Jordan Morris after a set-up by Luca de la Torre.

Both goals were executed brilliantly.

That was the beautiful part of the game. The ugly part came in two different ways.

One, the play throughout would best be described as chippy. Over less than 10 minutes in the second half, Paul Arriola of the United States and El Salvador’s Ronald Gómez both received red cards.

Then there was the pitch itself, which looked as if about 500 gophers descended upon it about five minutes before kick-off. These conditions might have even given Dan Snyder cause for concern.

That did not go unnoticed by those watching.

While both goals scored in the game were beautiful, it’s unlikely that anyone who played in it will be including much from it in their personal highlight reels. That said, conditions can’t always be controlled. Getting through the match with a 1-1 draw is something both squads can take some pride in.

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