Ho Chi Minh City and Long An were tied 2-2 late in a recent soccer match in Vietnam. The two Vietnamese league opponents played a spirited affair, until Ho Chi Minh City was awarded a penalty kick for a foul inside the box.

The Long An players were understandably not pleased with the call, and took their collective outrage to the next level… by refusing to play.

Seriously. They barely even moved an inch after the first goal against them was scored.

Here’s video of the crazy scene:

Long An wouldn’t even take the kick-off after each goal. The referee awarded the ball to Ho Chi Minh City each time. The goalie’s different ways to avoid the ball as Ho Chi Minh City scored were particularly great.

Turning away from the play? Check. Doing a somersault as the ball comes in? Check. Running away from the goal altogether? Check.

This may seem like oddball news considering it’s happening halfway around the globe, but how far away are we from seeing a team do this? Different sports have different protest methods, and this has to be one of the most authoritative ways to make a statement.

This takes the “lazy” athlete sentiment to a whole new level.

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