We have some bad news. It appears that Wade Barrett has become the temporary head coach of MLS’ Houston Dynamo. It’s just that it’s not former WWE superstar Wade Barrett but actually former Dynamo player and longtime assistant coach Wade Barrett.

When the Dynamo announced the news on their Twitter account, the wrestler Barrett, seeing as he is currently looking for work, figured to try and impart his tactical soccer knowledge on Twitter because you never know.

Without skipping a beat, the Dynamo responded the only appropriate way to let someone like Barrett down easy.

This isn’t the first time Barrett has been a part of the soccer world. Six months ago, at a Raw in Manchester, Barrett got slapped by Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney as Rooney was in the front row.

The actual new head coach of the Dynamo, Barrett played in MLS most of his soccer career, playing for San Jose (who became the Dynamo) in 1998 and ending his playing career with the Dynamo in 2009. The next season, Barrett joined the Dynamo coaching staff as an assistant and was appointed temporary head coach today. We will await and see what’s next for the wrestler Barrett.

[Photo: WWE]

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