When you’re calling heads or tails during a coin flip, you know you’re chances of landing on one of the sides is 50/50 – unless, of course, the coin has other plans.

In Tuesday’s Copa America Centenario matchup between Paraguay and Colombia, a routine coin flip had to be redone, after the tossed coin somehow ended up one its side stuck between the turf. Both James Rodriguez, Justo Villar and the referees have a quick laugh about the situation, as the coin stood tall on its side.

The coin landing on its side is something that probably couldn’t be repeated if they tried again 100 times. It’s one of those fluky, mildly interesting things that’s surprising only because it’s so unlikely to happen. Is reflipping the coin a big deal? No. Is it neat to see the coin land in a way it wasn’t supposed to? Sure.

The referee quickly picked up the coin and tossed it again. The second time, it didn’t have any trouble landing on heads or tails. Paraguay won the toss. Winning the coin toss didn’t seem to be an indication of how the match would play out, as Colombia picked up a 2-1 victory to qualify for the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Savour the unlikely coin flip because the likelihood it happens again is estimated to be 6,000-1 according to ESPN FC. It’s a true, rare moment in soccer. And with the Copa America suffering such miscues like botching national anthems, it’s good to laugh with them this time than at them.


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