How can a professional soccer team completely botch a four on one breakaway with only the goalkeeper to beat? Pretty easily apparently!

Our worldwide quest for the best blooper reel moments and blunders leads us to Argentina’s Primera Division and the closing stages of a game between River Plate and Belgrano. With River Plate up 2-1, Belgrano had everyone forward searching for the tying goal in stoppage time. That left a totally empty defense for River Plate to try to exploit.

And with an open goal beckoning from just a couple yards out, River Plate’s Andrade tapped the ball gently towards the line allowing the Belgrano keeper a chance to make a save that should have never, ever, ever, ever been possible.

If you’re one of the other three teammates present, what must be going through your mind after seeing that? Put the ball in the back of the net! Argentine First Take is going to have a field day debating this one.


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