FC Bayern Munich made a pitstop in New York for their preseason U.S. Tour and decided to participate in a friendly football match. Two-time Copa America winning midfielder Arturo Vidal and World Cup and two-time Euro winning central midfielder Xabi Alonso faced off against perhaps their most intimidating challenge yet: 40 small children.

Bleacher Report UK captured video of the match as the two players challenged the massive amount of New York city kids on the pitch. The children went with an unorthodox lineup against pro’s, using three goalies, 17 defenders, 10 midfielders and 10 strikers. The video is incredible, as the play-by-play is dead serious, which makes the hilarious two on 40 game that much more entertaining.

The match was closer than one would expect. The squad of 40 children fought with quantity over quality and made some excellent plays, including a goal-line save from Charlie from the Bronx. Unfortunately for the kids, Alonso and Vidal’s two-feet height advantage stung them, as the pair scored twice on headers as well as a free kick as the Bayern stars defeated the kids 3-1.

It was a good match for the children. Even with 40 players, the fact they scored a goal and didn’t give up 50 of them is impressive. They gave up fewer goals than Arsenal did in November. The kids can hang their heads high knowing they went toe-to-toe with Vidal and Alonso and did pretty well.


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