There’s been some strange looking mascots over the years but this may top them all. While teams have people, animals or even aliens as mascots, West Brom brought out a boiler. You know, the thing that is used to generate power and heat things. We’re in the age where home appliances are now sports mascots.

Named “Colin the Combi” or “Boiler Man,” it is a walking boiler with arms and legs and sometimes has a baseball cap on the top. It’s sponsorship related because it’s sponsored by a local boiler company but fans seem to be seeing the humor in this.

Honestly, when I first saw the concept of a walking boiler, I thought of this.

Whether it’s ironic or genuine praise, West Brom fans and others have mostly appreciated this rather bizarre creation because, quite honestly, what else can you do?

This is great and all but another thing to consider. Just how does a boiler show respect when there is a minute silence or something before a game. I mean, I don’t even know if this thing can bow its head, it’s going to look incredibly goofy having it with the team as they have a minute silence for Remembrance Day. I guess that’s something we’ll find out as the new season goes on. FYI, West Brom lost to Bolton 2-1 in their first game outside of the Premier League since 2010.

[Photo: @AlexWhitez]

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