Ivana Knoll [Intagram] Ivana Knoll [Intagram]

The World Cup is famously one of the biggest gatherings of sports fans in the world.

Perhaps nobody has made a bigger splash than Croatian model Ivana Knoll, who has harnessed her good looks to earn nearly 100,000 Instagram followers a day while following her team around Qatar.

Lionel Messi and Argentina sent the Croatians packing earlier this week, but Knoll is not deterred. She gave an interview to the Daily Mail in which she revealed the disgusting behavior of World Cup players.

Knoll said she was “shocked” that players saw her as an “easy woman.” Many players demanded to “meet” her in person. Knoll was unswayed by her potential suitors.

“I am only having fun with everybody,” Knoll told The Daily Mail. “I suppose people like me because I am good-looking. I am not interested in meeting with anybody here. My intention is to make people smile, that is all.”

The 26-year-old former Miss Croatia was in good spirits otherwise despite fearing that her famously skimpy outfits would draw the ire of Qatari religious police and see her banned from the stadiums.

“The fans I meet everywhere love me,” she said. “But when I go to matches now, my friends won’t sit with me and move away to other seats because of the cameras.”

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