Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews is one of the most time-tested professionals in the sports broadcasting industry.

However, it’s completely understandable that even a seasoned pro like Andrews still has major fears about her performance. While speaking on the Calm Her Down podcast, Andrews revealed her biggest fear is dropping an F-bomb while broadcasting live.


Co-host Charissa Thompson said she didn’t really think about swearing while performing on air, but Andrews was the total opposite, saying, “It’s a massive fear. Massive! Massive!”

Andrews revealed that while she fears swearing on air, she’s never actually done so. But she added that she should “knock on wood.”

Andrews is one of the most successful sports broadcasters of all time. She rose to national fame after joining ESPN in 2004. She would famously exit the company that made her a star for Fox Sports in 2012, where she’s remained until today.

She spoke on being a woman in sports broadcasting to Elle magazine in 2015.

“We have really, really good-looking men who work for our network, and that’s never brought into question. Our men dress very well, and look fantastic in a suit, and not once is that ever talked about. I can be called out on the Internet or in newspapers for asking a question, but if a male asked the same question, it would never be a topic.”

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