One thing Netflix always seems to do well is marketing and advertising. The latest advertising push for the latest season of Narcos is striking all the right chords by strategically placing ads for the show in clubs and highlighting spots cocaine users may have acquired their drugs at the height of the cartel’s run.

Small ads are being placed in clubs on top of urinals and other spots in bathrooms to illustrate where cocaine likely would have popped up during the 1990s. The advertising firm in charge of the advertising push, DonerLA, has even put out coasters with mirrors to mimic a popular surface cocaine users snort their drug of choice, as has been displayed on TV and in movies for years.

Narcos tells the story of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and his rise to kingpin status through the distribution of cocaine. The show has been widely acclaimed through its first two seasons and the reception for Season 3 is continuing to bring positive feedback. Word of mouth is still a valuable advertising tool itself, but marketing strategies like this are always fun to roll out as well.

Earlier this month, billboards with “Netflix Is a Joke” printed in big bold letters began popping up coast to coast in New York and Los Angeles. Naturally, these ads were advertisements for Netflix in an effort to help promote upcoming comedy specials with comedians Netflix has been signing deals with recently. Among the comedians on the Netflix lineup include Jerry Seinfeld, Louis C.K., Amy Schumer and Tracy Morgan.

Never suggest Netflix doesn’t think outside the box with their advertising because they always do.

Season 3 of Narcos is available on Netflix now. A fourth season has already been lined up by Netflix too.

[Ad Week/Photo: Netflix]

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