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One of the biggest names in the technology and entertainment business appears to be set on dabbling in creating unique and exclusive content by the end of this year. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is potentially looking to get in the game with original programming with new shows and movies.

Why would Apple want to get into creating original content? Money, of course. Witnessing the success other platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have had with their own original content leaves Apple behind the pack in this area. It is not, however, an area where Apple could potentially be left behind for good if they play their hand correctly.

Apple is also working to boost its Apple Music service, and adding original shows and movies to that platform could be the extra boost needed to go head-to-head with stronger rivals such as Pandora and Spotify. Apple has had a nice share of the market with its iTunes offerings, but adding unique content is what is needed to further separate itself from other options like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, and so on.

Of course, Apple is in this for the money, which means loyal Apple consumers who line up to buy whatever Apple puts in a box will be asked to pay an estimated $10 per month to access streaming content from Apple through Apple Music, which is what the service costs right now. That puts Apple’s Apple Music in the ballpark with companies like Hulu, Spotify, and Netflix, but gives users both audio and visual content.

There are those who will shell out that money just because it is from Apple, but in order to make serious money off of this, then Apple needs to have content worth the investment from customers who are already paying monthly fees for other streaming services. Spotify, according to some reports, appears to be the number one target for Apple.

The hope for Apple is to also spark some new life into the mobile device industry to turn around iPhone and iPad sales in a market that continues to become more and more crowded. But do consumers have enough room for one more streaming service in their lives? Apple sure hopes so. They also hope you find their service worth leaving another entirely.

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