On Tuesday, one of those “What does your state (search/think/etc) most?” maps made the rounds online, this time purporting to show what each state hates the most.

That’s almost always good for some fun, so here it is for your perusal and enjoyment:

Now, before we dive in, it’s fun to look at the source of this information: dating app/service Hater. We wrote about Hater back on Valentine’s Day (perfect timing!), and came away intrigued:

Those sites and apps are either the barest of bones (hi, Tinder!) or based around various algorithms designed to offer a list of people with shared interests or feelings. That’s generally accomplished via a list of questions, and a site like OKCupid has a system where you can kind of be pushed towards a match if you both express a negative thought toward a question.

But OKCupid aims for a much more positive outlook. (Because if you’re a woman getting asked if you’re “dtf” multiple times a day, it’s apparently easier to process when surrounded by blues, pinks, and anthropomorphic stars.)

Hater is not that. Instead, it purports to stress what you don’t like about various topics or questions. That might sound like a very bitter worldview to some people, but founder Brendan Alper told Business Insider that there’s a bit of science behind it.

So, though the sample size and demographics inherent to Hater’s pool of users mean this map should by no means be taken as a representative study (if for some reason you were doing that), it is still fun to think about these results, even if they’re a result of prompting.

And some of these answers are just fantastic. In no particular order:

Indiana-Bloggers! As a member of the Internet media community who also happens to reside in Indiana, I can say that this might indeed be the case. Though most of the time when people ask what I do I just try and fail to explain what Slack is.

North Carolina-DUI checkpoints. This makes sense, and if you’re ever within 50 miles of North Carolina, and the wind is blowing just right, you can hear far-off voices shouting “That’s entrapment!”

Minnesota-Drinking alone. Frankly, I think that’s the best way to drink, but Minnesotans are a social bunch, camping out at their Sidetrack Taps.

Nevada-Oh, fuck off, Nevada.

Arizona-Sand? Seriously?

OhioFortunately, there are only 3 ties in the entire state of Ohio at any given moment.

Utah-Ah, to be in Utah, where people hate porn but have no problem being on a Tinder-esque dating app. How do those exchanges go?

Sydney: Hey, we matched! You hate porn too!

Also Sydney, but male: haha, yep!

Sydney: So, what do you like to do?

Also Sydney: send nudes

California-Fidget spinners, because people in California have very few things to worry about at any given moment.

Arkansas-Cleaning, and having just stopped at an Arkansas Marathon station on the way to Memphis, I can confirm the veracity of this report.

Kansas-Oh, fuck off, Kansas.

Kentucky-A big reason to ask a friend to help you move is because said friend has a pickup, but in Kentucky, everyone has pickups. But maybe that means everyone gets asked to help their friends move? This is worthy of further study, from someone who cares more about Kentucky moving practices than me.

Florida-Workout couples! For once, Florida absolutely gets something 100% correct.

The list obviously goes on, and on. But it’s also important to note one thing: who the hell drew this map, Salvador Dali? The Eastern seaboard looks like it’s melting:

What’s up with Michigan? Sure, Jane Austen is overrated, but did Lake Michigan just disappear? Is this the result of some kind of asteroid impact in the Atlantic, a la 1998 docudrama Deep Impact? If there’s one thing truly hateable here, it’s poor armchair cartography.

That and Casey Affleck.

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