In something that could only come out of an adult’s dreams, the Mexico tourism board has built a machine that sprays a tequila cloud, converts the cloud to liquid and rains tequila.

Using ultrasonic humidifiers, ad agency Lapiz is able to transform tequila into vapor and then condenses into liquid form. It’s a similar way actual clouds produce rainwater and we get rain so they just did it manually with a way better form of liquid.

This was demonstrated in Berlin, Germany and it could be programmed to rain tequila whenever it rains outside. So when things look bad outside, it may not be the worst thing in the world.

Now to be a downer, this probably won’t become a thing. Mainly because it would require an incredible amount of tequila in order to make this big enough to cover a general area. There’s also the fear that minors could drink the alcohol and people may not want to be showered in tequila (though some would) so it’s not really practical. But this sure looks great.

[Ad Week]

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