Everybody digs a good love story. This is one for the new digital age.

Two strangers known simply as Vikings Fan and Mystery Girl used Snapchat to track each other down, and it caught on like a wild fire among students at the University of Wisconsin. Wisconsin students helped push these two to keep their search going on until they finally crossed paths. It was like watching a real life love story on TV play out on their phones as Wisconsin students were leaving their words of encouragement and reactions to the drama every step of the way as they constantly refreshed their Snapchat apps to get the latest details on the love saga.

Older generations might wonder…why not find out each other’s name? Or do a Google search? Or open up the yearbook and scan until you see the other person’s picture. Alas, the world no longer belongs to us…

You don’t get this kind of stuff on Instagram or Facebook. Well, maybe you do, but Snapchat should cash in on this story and sell it as a reason for using Snapchat instead of other options like Tinder.

The two have been “every day-ish together” ever since.


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